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Digital Advertising Screens with All Sizes


Digital Signage Features

Interactive / Touch Screen

Interactive digital signage is the ultimate way for businesses to engage with their customers, visitors and staff.  Touch screen displays are often used for maps and wayfinding in larger buildings, pointing users, providing visitor information when placed in reception areas or lobbies.  Touch screen digital signage can provide exactly the right information for the user at the right time, boosting sales in retail settings and streamlining movement through airports, railway stations and trade shows or exhibitions.

Indoor / Outdoor

If you need to display your message outdoors 24/7, choose weather-proof, vandal-proof outdoor signage that is designed to work in harsh environments. Outdoor digital displays can operate in extreme high and low temperatures, thanks to built-in temperature controls and air conditioning. Outdoor digital signs are dust-tight and water-tight to prevent damage – look out for an IP65 rating to ensure complete protection.

How Uploading Content

Plug & Play

Plug and play digital signage offering a fast and extremely simple way to update your content with a simple memory stick. Just load your promotional images, animations or films onto the USB memory stick and insert it into the display’s flash drive where it will record to the built in media player’s memory. Your digital sign will then display your uploaded promotional material on a continuous loop. The bundling scheduling software allows content to be scheduled for different times.


Networked digital signage is connected to the internet and updated via CMS. Our digital signage screens have an integrated Android network media player for easy installation with no additional hardware required.  By connecting to the cloud or a local area network, this form of digital signage is easy to control from anywhere in the world, and offers the possibility of updating a large number of screens at the same time. Scheduling options, templates and playlists can be managed and changed centrally from anywhere with an internet connection for complete flexibility.