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Interactive Touch Screen for Large Screen - Optical Bonding


Interactive displays in market consist of many layer glasses, it's thick and cause glare in glass. Also, it is hard to write at exactly point through thick glass of touch panel to underneath LED display.  Optical bonding interactive touch panel solve this problem. Optical bonding is zero fit, there is no gap between LED display and touch panel.  It's why it is accurate when writing or drawing, and no glare at all.   Also, it looks thinner & slimmer. Our available sizes are 55/65/75/85/100 inches.

Our Interactive Touch Panel Features:
  • Better Durability than General IFP in Market
  • Much Better Accuracy compare to other IFP in Market
  • Anti-glare
  • Optical Bonding of Touch Screen
  • Equipped with Camera and Speaker
  • Bundle with E-share software for multi screens interaction
  • Bundle with "whiteboard tool" software for classroom
  • 4mm temper glass in front of panel
  • 178 degree viewing angle
  • 20 Points Touch on Android & Windows

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What Is Optical Bonding & Advantage? 

Traditionally, interactive displays are attached to LCD cells with adhesive tape by the edges of the screen glass. This creates an air gap between the LCD cell and the screen glass that is detrimental to the performance of the display no matter how thin the air gap is. The gap results in setbacks which include a more fragile screen glass, loss of touch accuracy, and a narrower viewing angle, among others.

Optical bonding is the process of gluing the touchscreen glass to the LCD cell in order to completely fill the air gap between them. This is done to improve overall performance, decrease the total display weight, and make the touchscreen sturdier.  Here are the top 5 benefits: 

1. Greater durability 


2. Improved viewing experience 


3. Improved touch experience 


4. Maximum dust & moisture protection 

5. Reduced display weight, especially big screen.