Ruidatong Technology Co., Ltd


IFP Interactive Touch Screen for Teaching


Interactive displays are what the best popular equipment at classroom nowadays.  It makes teacher easier on teaching and catch students' eyes on learning.  Not only whiteboard functions, there are so many special tools inside IFP, including remote class taking and multi screen sharing functions.  It combines TV, tablet, PC, projector, calk board..etc, teacher also users can download any interesting apps by themselves on class.   Here are our product features:

  • Replace computer, tablet, projector, TV, chalk boards...etc.
  • High resolution, 178 degree wide angle
  • Ultra slim model and not bulky at all.
  • High speed, fluent on writings by finger or any object. 
  • Can be 20 points (people) write at a same time. 
  • MS office built-in.
  • Many tools in whiteboard for math, science, geography, astronomy, good for students from kindergarten to University.
  • Android 9.0
Available Sizes: 55", 65", 75", 85", 98"