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Digital Mirror


This is interactive mirror and play AD automatically.  It can be in any public area such as airport, subway, shopping mall, toilet...etc.  Within 1M distance, it is a mirror.  Outer than 1M, it's digital signage.  

Why Choose Digital Mirror for advertisement ?

  1. Combine the functions of Mirror + Digital Signage
  2. Easy to update and renew advertisement immediately.  Lower large cost on handwriting advertisement making.
  3. One mirror can split to different small screens and play different advertisements at a same time.
  4. Can play advertisement by internet remotely controlled or by U disk plug into machine directly.
  5. Bundle with infrared sensor, the signage can detect people in front of it within 1M distance and becomes mirror function.  Over 1M, it is a digital signage and play advertisements automatically.
  6. Mirror size can be customized to 21.5/27/32/43/49/55inch...etc
  7. Application can be in public toilet, airport, subway station, shopping mall....etc public area. 







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