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What Is a Document Camera and How It Works? A document camera is a device that can project and magnify images of objects, paper notes, and transparencies. It is described as being similar to an old overhead projector that almost every classroom consisted of in the past. However, a document camera is more modern, smaller, and can work remotely over Wi-Fi.Majority of users would classify document cameras as high-resolution webcams that have arms to ensure their placement over documents, objects, or papers. Teachers, professors, and world-wide educators find document cameras to be very useful because they can write notes on paper and then present the notes to the audience of students through the document camera.The document camera works by taking a picture of whatever object is placed underneath it and producing a live picture that multiple people can view at once. Depending on what type of document camera you purchase and how much you are able to spend, each has their own flexibility when it comes to placement of objects and forms.   Some document cameras allow two or three-dimensional objects to be placed in front of the camera, and others just focus on what is placed beneath them. Some classrooms have installed mounted document cameras from the ceilings to give the camera a bigger working area to project and magnify photos.   https://www.innovtech.tw/hot_450141.html WHAT IS A DOCUMENT CAMERA? 2024-06-19 2025-06-19
Ruidatong Technology Co., Ltd 11F, No. 324, Sec. 1, Wenxin Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung, Taiwan https://www.innovtech.tw/hot_450141.html
Ruidatong Technology Co., Ltd 11F, No. 324, Sec. 1, Wenxin Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung, Taiwan https://www.innovtech.tw/hot_450141.html
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1. Brightness

The first benefit of LED walls over projection displays is the brightness. LED walls are brighter than projection displays, and this is why most AV rental Companies will recommend LED screens to you. One thing to note is that LED screens are measured in NIT, which is a direct light measurement. On the other hand, projection lights are measured in lux, which is a direct light measurement. Besides, a unit of NIT equals 3.426 lux. So in light of this, a unit of NIT is brighter than a unit of lux.

Also, over the years, projectors tend to lose their brightness. And regardless of how bright the projector looks when you first get them, you should expect that it would lose up to 30% of its brightness before the end of its lifespan. With outdoor LED video walls, you won’t experience any of these.

2. Maintenance

LED walls are very easy to maintain and repair. This is because the makers of these LED walls designed them to be zero maintenance. Often, what you need is an update to the programming software. Besides, even if you need to replace a component in the LED video wall, you can do it yourself, provided that you have basic knowledge of hand tools.

The case is different with projectors as you need to carry out maintenance on its components constantly. For example, you need to clean and maintain its fans, bulbs, lens, etc., often to keep it in optimum condition.

3. HD Display

If you want crystal clear HD videos at your outdoor or indoor events, then you should be choosing LED wall screens. All LED screens support HD display due to the use of Surface Mount Diode technology. However, this is not the same with many projectors, as most still use Standard Definition. This means these projectors won’t display HD pictures at full resolution.

4. Contrast

For a projector to work, you have to project images on a whiteboard or screen. The problem with this is that because white backgrounds do not give room for a true dark tone, the images projected might appear hazy. In light of this, most projectors cannot show the ideal contrast of a picture, which means you cannot get HD images or videos.

However, the LED wall technology design allows for it to show the actual contrast of the images or videos on it. So, with a LED wall, rest assured that you will be getting true dark tones and super clear images from any distance.

5. Lifespan

Another benefit of the LED walls over projectors is that projectors have a shorter lifespan than LED video technologies. You will find most LED video walls with excellent quality to have a lifespan of up to 10 years. On the other hand, the highest warranty you will find on the highest quality projector is three years. This goes to show that projectors are not expected to last for so long.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

Although LED walls are more expensive than projectors, LED walls are still more cost-effective than projectors. The reason is that because a projector needs constant maintenance, changing of components, etc., it can become more expensive than LED walls over time. In addition, over the course of the projector’s lifespan, you might have to change its bulbs and light engines, and they do not come cheap.

Asides from that, projectors also consume more energy than LED walls. Because of this, you will find LED video walls saving you extra dollars in energy costs when you use them over projector displays.

7. Setup

Setting up projector displays isn’t an easy task as many factors can affect the view from the projector screen. First, you need to ensure that the projector projects the image or video directly to the wall or board without any hindrance. Any obstacle that gets in front of the projector will affect the projector’s display regardless of how small. The room’s brightness also affects projection displays, and you need to have an almost dark room to get the best views from projectors.